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Drinking & Process Water Purification

Drinking & Process Water Purification is the process of treating water to make it safe for human consumption and industrial use.

Industrial Purification Plants

Are you in search of the best water purification plant for your industry? It might depend on several factors like location, contaminants, efficiency level, and flow rate. Any water treatment process involves the basic steps of intake, clarification, disinfection and distribution.

Prudence Engineering Services Pvt Ltd has over 15 years of experience in providing appropriate solutions for industrial purification based on industrial requirements. The following are several industrial purification plants installed by us;

  • Reverse Osmosis plants (RO)
  • Ultra-Filtration (UF) plants
  • Rapid filter systems
  • Disc filter systems
  • UV filter systems

Rain Water Harvesting System

With years of experience in the industry and a continuous chain of positive feedback from a satisfied client base, our professional team of engineers at Prudence Engineering Services Pvt Ltd is moving towards industrial excellence.
Pick from our range of below-ground and above-ground rainwater harvesting systems that best suit your requirement. Are you struggling with not knowing what to choose? Contact us for the most appropriate rainwater harvesting system for your current project. We aim to offer the most revolutionary next-generation solutions for cost-effective rates at your convenience.

An image of a filter system for the water purification plant provided by Prudence Engineering services.

Domestic Filters - Home Use

Established in 2008 as a leading engineering company which collaborated with green technology, Prudence Engineering Services Pvt Ltd provides sustainable and innovative solutions for water treatment enabled through continuous research and development activities. With our experienced team specialized in water purification, we aim to provide cost-efficient solutions that meet your water quality requirements.

We offer tailor-made water filtering system solutions blending with the latest technology while promoting sustainable water use practices. Contact us today for innovative solutions integrated with design and sustainable engineering for water reuse. Two of the most popular domestic filters installed for home use are listed below;

  • Reverse Osmosis plants (RO)
  • UV filter systems

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