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Swimming Pools

A swimming pool is a man-made basin filled with water for swimming, recreation, and exercise. It may be indoors or outdoors and can vary in size and shape.

Our Diverse Range of Swimming Pool Solutions

An image of a swimming pool by Prudence Engineering services.

Domestic Swimming Pools

Why not have your own swimming pool instead of waiting for a holiday to enjoy by the pool? Consult our experts for the best swimming pool solutions in the industry. We will help you decide on a unique design that fits your needs while meeting the project deadlines on time.

You are free to choose from our variety of in-ground and above-ground pools, whether it’s a plunge pool or a backyard pool that you need. Contact us today to get the best holiday experience while spending the day at your own home. We aim to provide quality work with a swiftness that matches as a pioneer in the construction field with industrial expertise of over 15 years.

Hotel/ Resort Pools

Constructing a swimming pool requires a lot of planning, researching and analyzing to meet a successful end project. It can be an overwhelming process for hotel owners since the construction of a hotel pool is a more complex task than constructing a domestic swimming pool.

Prudence Engineering Services Pvt Ltd is a pioneer in designing, constructing, and fabricating swimming pools with both local and international clientele. Our talented team of professionals will handle the entire process from scratch to provide you with the best swimming pool that fits your needs. Whether it’s an infinity pool, a hot tub or a pool for your spa, we construct them all.

An image of a swimmer swimming through in a swimming pool.

Competition Pools

Are you looking for the right contractor to construct a competition pool? We are at the forefront of the industry due to our focus on high quality and durability standards. Equipped with CIDA grading C-6, our experts at Prudence Engineering Services Pvt Ltd are precise in design and installation as per the FINA international standards.

Competition pool construction is both challenging and complicated in comparison with the construction of domestic or hotel pools. We strive to be at the top of the industry with continuous research and development that enable us to be on par with modern technology that helps us to be the best in what we do.

Pool Servicing and Maintenance

Maintain your swimming pool to secure its pristine look. Putting off pool maintenance is similar to letting one of your profitable investments squandered. Make your investment worthwhile with a hand from our trained pool attendants at Prudence Engineering Services Pvt Ltd. Ever since our establishment in 2008, we have been growing and expanding our satisfied client base.

Our services don’t just stop with the design and construction stages of swimming pools. Our team of trained pool attendants offer professional pool servicing and maintenance while ensuring a high level of client satisfaction. Our services include the removal of debris, brushing, vacuuming and other repair services that are vital to maintain the quality and longevity of your poo

An image of 3 controllers or automation systems or pumps for a swimming pool automation system.

Swimming Pool Automation

Why do it the hard way when technology has made it all easier? Keep in touch with every function of your pool with the latest technology at your fingertips. You can now monitor the PH levels of your swimming pool, manage the water quality, regulate the temperature and control it from anywhere and everywhere. Get your pool automation system installed today to enjoy the benefits of using your swimming pool. The following are some of the swimming pool automation systems provided by us;

  • Automatic chlorine dosing system
  •  PH monitoring & controlling system
  • Pool chemical dosing pumps
  • Salt water chlorinator system

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